10 Amazing Stroller Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Having a kid comes with its share of happiness and responsibilities. You get to enjoy their joyous smiles and see your out pour of love whilst at the same time you are also on your guard to make sure your kid is safe and sound. As a parent, you tend to buy quite a few stuff for your kids and a stroller is one of them. The stroller is a great buy as it allows you to take your kid for a walk without having to shoulder the burden on yourself.

A stroller does a good job, as they pack in your child in the comforts of the seat as you drive them for an outing. Using a baby stroller can seem like a straightforward step and is quite easy. But it’s not to say that you cannot find hacks for it. We here take a look at the ten amazing stroller hacks that every parent should know about. Read along.

Stroller Hacks For Parent

Here is the list of stroller hacks every parents should know:

1. Use Ankle Weights to Minimize Tipping

  • Generally, parents use a stroller for a kid to take them out for a walk or to go to the grocery store or maybe to simply take a stroll in the park. For say, you are going to the grocery store with your kid in the stroller, you’ll end up hanging the grocery bags on your kid’s stroller. This can oftentimes cause imbalance and may tip the stroller. This is where using ankle weights on the front side of the strollers can help you to protect your child from tipping over.

2. Use Hooks to Hang them

  • Another life hack would be to use hooks and hangers to hang the strollers. This can result in saving space. Normally strollers are cumbersome to store as they are big and bulky and even though they can be folded over you’re bound to have space issues for them while storing. Simply placing a hook or a hanger will help you to hang the stroller and save space on your part.

3. Use strollers with a removable insert

  • The old days of cumbersome strollers are a thing of the yesteryears’ past as the modern-day strollers come with plenty of features and benefits. This presents a great option for parents. You can opt for the strollers with removable inserts as they will allow you to remove the parts for easy cleaning. Because cleaning strollers are known to be messy.

4. Entertain your kid

  • If you’re going out with your kid in a stroller then it would be a great option to bring something that will help them keep entertained. This way you’ll have a good time walking around and won’t have to pacify your kid now and then. You can use hanging toys or soft toys and give them to the kids. Using a hanger will keep the toy from falling over and getting lost. You can also hang their favorite toys with the help of hangers and threads.

5. Bring out the snacks for the stroll

  • Babies are bound to get hungry and that’s a major reason why they end up crying and sobbing. Getting food and snacks for your kid outside at the park will not be an easy task. This is why bringing your portable snack with you while going for a stroll will be a good idea. This way you can get a healthy snack for your kid while also getting them strolling around. And the best part, strollers have attachable units of food and snacks trays. Get one such unit and use it to make your portable snack basket.

6. Use a Bag to store the essentials

  • When you go out with your baby for a stroll you’ll most likely end up packing loads of stuff. You’ll have to pack the foods, cleansing stuff, diapers, and more. So either you stuff that into the stroller or onto your bag, both of which will be cumbersome. Rather use a bag to store all these essentials. You can attach the bag to the stroller and give your hands a free time.

7. Use a cup holder

  • Most of the strollers these days have options to go with the cup holder or not. However, the option is still not the mainframe and won’t be available for a good few strollers. So how do you go about storing the bottles and the cups on strollers? You can use a shoe organizer or similar cup storage holders and attach them with the stroller for easy storage and to reduce the mess.

8. Use Reflective tapes or lights

  • If you have a habit of taking a stroll with your kid at night time then it would be wise to use reflective tape or lights with the stroller. This will add visibility and help keep you and your child safe from any such issues. You can use fluorescent color tapes for better results.

9. Always add a rain cover

  • Rains can come at any time and anywhere. Getting your baby drenched in rains is not exactly a good idea to go with. This is why you should always have a rain cover. Most of the strollers can fit in a rain cover. Use a rain cover and help protect your kid against weather issues.

10. Use a pool noodle as padding

  • Using strollers means having to slide and push the handle of the stroller for a long period. This can mean long exposure and pressure on the hands. But there’s a way you can navigate that. And that’s by using a pool noodle. Simply cut out the pool noodle and place it on the stroller handle so that next time you go on a walk you don’t have to bear the pain on your palms.

Wrapping Up

A stroller makes quite an easy work of carrying around your baby and strolling. And if you can add a few hacks onto it, then it would become easier and smoother for you as a parent. We hope this list gave you a few ideas about the hacks that you can use for strollers.

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