Baby Stroller Safety Rules: Tips for New parents

The parents, who are willing to take their little ones out for a walk in a stroller, should know about the stroller safety rules. In the past, it has been seen how stroller-related accidents have taken place and some of the kids have suffered serious injuries.  The best way to prevent such injuries is to know all about the baby stroller safety rules.

Before you know the safety rules, first find out more about the safest baby strollers available in the Indian market.  You have to choose the strollers carefully according to the age and size of the baby. For the infants, you have to choose the reclinable stroller that is safer for newborn babies. For babies of about 6 months, who start holding their head and sitting upright, you have to get strollers with better features and higher facilities.

Baby Stroller Safety

Given below are the useful baby stroller safety tips for the new parents:

1. Brakes should be on

While you park the baby stroller in the garden or on the footpath during your walk with the baby inside, you have to make sure that the brakes are pressed on and the stroller is safe. You should always make a habit of using the brakes when necessary while taking the baby out for strolling. It is the same technique you apply while parking your car. It always helps in avoiding mishaps. Always test the brakes while you buy the stroller. Also, make sure that the brakes can be locked offering more security.

2. The safety belt is important

The safety belts are necessary for the babies while taking them out.  It is a part of a 5-point harness safety feature. Most babies look around while sitting in the basket during the ride. But many times the babies move and wriggle and sometimes there is a chance of slipping out.  Make sure the safety belt is in use – over the shoulders, across the legs, or waist that holds the baby with the required support. Also, place a small pillow that helps the baby during the strolling.

3. Select the wide base

Most of the strollers available in the market have trendy designs and stylish looks. The colorful strollers look elegant but don’t simply go for nice designs or colors but select the strollers with a wide base. The strollers with a wider base are stable and secure. The broad base has control over the stroller and it doesn’t allow the stroller to get imbalanced.

4. Avoid extra bags:

The strollers have a storage pocket given on the backside of the basket. The pocket is bigger and can offer a space to keep the essentials. You can keep things like mobile, wallet, keys, etc. in the pocket which is handy and easy to use. Do not make use of extra bags or purses which are not required. And never hang bags or baggage to the handle. It may turn the stroller backside and the baby may get hurt.

5. Prefer single footrest

The footrest allows the baby to keep the feet on the footrest, while in a sitting position. The single footrest is easy to use and can be adjusted according to the position of the baby. Strollers are having double footrests placed side by side. But the double footrests are tricky and can trap the baby’s foot anytime, during strolling. Make sure that you test the footrest of the stroller and make a choice wisely.

6. Useful Swivel function

Steering the stroller is not easy, mainly over the narrow footpaths or the crowded shopping centers. You need to move the stroller swiftly without the baby getting disturbed. The swivel function and the lock facility make it easy to move and turn even by using a single hand. The wheels move easily without constant steering. You should test the stroller for such functionality before buying.

7. Check for weight limits

Strollers are designed on weight limits and not on age limits. The two babies of the same age can weigh differently.  The weight limit of the stroller is fixed.  If you exceed the age limit, it can make the cart unstable and it could lead to an accident. Before you buy a stroller make sure about the weight limit if it’s not mentioned. It helps if you plan to use it for older babies.

8. Always keep it closer

The stroller shouldn’t be left alone while the baby is inside it. Make sure that you always stand closer to the stroller under any circumstances. Sometimes the stroller rolls off the road. When left alone, the baby can try to come out of it and may fall down or it may get trapped. You have to stand close to the stroller so you can either see the baby or listen to it.

9. Use the toys

Make use of the toys and it helps the baby to remain inside. The colorful soft toys that most babies love to play with should be placed over the stroller. You can tie the toys carefully so that the babies can see them every time they get inside the stroller. Playing with a toy is one main reason that most kids love to sit inside the stroller. Toys also help to divert the attention of the baby when required.

10. Careful while folding & unfolding

You have to be cautious while you fold or unfold the stroller. Make sure that the baby is away from you and not holding any of the parts of the stroller, while you fold it. Part of the body might get trapped if the baby is nearby. Also, unfold the stroller completely and lock it. If it is not unfolded correctly, it might get close suddenly and hurt the baby.

Bottom Line

These are some of the useful safety rules to be followed while using the baby stroller. Once the new parents decide to take their baby out for a walk in a stroller, they have to follow rules carefully and cautiously. The new parents shouldn’t get over-excited while taking the little one out for the first time. Their responsibility begins the moment; they bring the stroller for the baby.

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