Top 10 Best Baby Stroller Brands In India

Choosing the right baby stroller helps in giving comfort to you and your baby in daily life, whether you are in the shopping mall, street, or in the park around your home. It is important to buy a good baby stroller, for the safety and comfort of your child.

Finding the best baby stroller is not an easy task because in the market of baby products there is much and much variety available from low to high quality and the price of different brands. So, when you go to buy a baby stroller it, is so difficult to choose the right brand which gives you the best features along with considering the safety of your child.

Best brands of baby strollers always provide a good product, but the most important question is, what are the best brands available in the market. To make ease in the process of finding adequate brands of baby strollers, we did the job for you by finding some of the top options available in the market.

List of Top Baby Stroller Brands In India

Baby Stroller Brands In India

We curated the list of top 10 manufacturers of baby strollers in India, which are highly reputed for their amazing build quality, services, and other essential aspects. Let’s get started by learning about the impressive options available in the Indian market.

1. R For Rabbit

The tag line of this company is “the amazing baby company”, which automatically shows that this is a baby products company, but it also provides the products for the mother. Also, this company wins the title “times of India most valued mother and child brand 2020” powered by Femina.

R for rabbit also has a lot of products for children and mothers like baby beds, kick scooters, baby carriers, and baby strollers. The brand gives discounts on all these products with a special discount on the strollers. So, this is a good choice for buying a stroller for the baby. Other aspects like warranty and after-sale services are top-notch, thus you are not going to have any problem regarding the product durability or its longevity.

2. Babyhug

Babyhug is one of the best brands around the globe, popular for its baby products. This is an Indian brand published in the year 2010. This brand provides all baby products like clothes (fashion), small baby homes, toys, bathtubs, and a lot of other products, but this brand is mainly popular because of the qualities of baby strollers.

Babyhug provides a lot of sizes, shapes, and models in their baby strollers. They also give a wide range of age and height in the single model, which means every model is of the stroller is made up for the range of age group of babies. You can easily buy the products of this company by going to its official website.

3. Chicco

Chicco is a very old and popular Italian brand of baby care products founded in the year 1958. Its headquarters are in the Como, Lombardy, and Italy. Word popular Artsana group is the owner of this company. This company is the manufacturer of baby toys and clothes worldwide. This is a 60-year-old company, and now it is available in more than 120 countries in the world.

There is an official web, and many stores of Chicco company are available in India. The baby stroller of the Chicco brand is available in India. Strollers are one of the main products of their company toward babies. The experience in designing baby strollers and offering quality customer support is the key feature, which can attract you toward the purchase of a product from Chicco.

4. Little olive

Little olive company specially provides baby products only, that’s why its tag line is “where the baby comes first”. Little olive company is founded by Kim and Liv, a daughter and mother team. This company manufactures and sells baby care products, baby clothes, toys, and other important things used by the baby in their growth years.

Little olive company has many good models of baby strollers for different age groups. Its stroller is lightweight, foldable, and comfortable for every baby. Its products also come with some hidden features in them like suspensions in the wheel, storage basket, and bottle holders, etc. company also provides a good range of discounts on their product from time to time.

5. Gracobaby

Graco baby is also a trustable baby product company. This is a global company and popular for their quality baby products worldwide. This company mainly manufactures and sells the sitting and motion products of the baby. When parents are looking for comfortable, safe, and good-looking strollers for their babies then this is the best brand.

Gracobaby has a wide variety of baby strollers like single strollers, double strollers, standard and modular strollers, etc. Modular strollers are allowed to customize the ride as you need, wherein in double strollers, you can ride two babies in one stroller, which is a good choice for your growing family.

6. Luvlap

Luvlap is a brand of the Indian company, universal corporation limited. This company offers many products for baby and mother care. This company is started in the year of 2013 by Nitin, who is the owner of this company. All the necessary features are offered in one place, and the manufacturer is offering a long term warranty to assure you regarding the quality build.

Luvlap provides both outdoor and indoor baby products with high quality and safety. Pram provided by this company is an outdoor product and one of the most important products sold by this company. product of this company is also available on the first try. The stroller of the Luvlap is provided with some very beautiful colour choices. Luvlap is one of the important and best brands for buying baby strollers in India.

7. Babygo

As the name suggests this brand is the seller and manufacturer of outdoor products for the baby. Founded in the year 2002 in Rheda- Wiedenbruck, Germany. The main focus of the Babygo company is on the guarantee and safety of the child. Products of this company are designed and developed in Germany by fashion designers and professionals.

Brands have products like a baby stroller with a wide variety of work and functions, also provide clothes for newborns. This company is well certified and licensed by the authorities safety of the child. This brand does not provide only safety but gives a fashionable good looking to their products.

8. Meemee

Meemee also known as Me n Mom’s, is one of the largest baby product brands in India with more than 400 different kinds of products and 10,000 specialized baby stores. This is a very trustworthy and good brand regarding baby products. They give an excellent quality product to their consumers.

Prams of this brand are also well designed, good-looking, and safe for your baby. Prams of strollers of this brand are available in India in their stores, the official website of Meemee, and on other websites like Firstcry, etc. If you are looking for the best in class product and you don’t want to spend a hefty amount, then choosing Meemee for the next baby stroller will be an easy pick.

9. Tiffy and toffee

The tagline is “your baby’s best buddy”. Tiffy and toffee are one of the best-selling baby products in India. they are famous because of their high-quality good-looking products. They provide strollers, tricycles, hygiene products, walkers, bathers, cradles, and baby carriers as their major products. The seamless quality of the baby stroller from this brand is heart-warming.

The major speciality of this brand is that they produce innovative products for babies. One more thing worth learning about this brand is, you can find all the safety features in baby strollers offered by Tiffy and Toffee. The reviews regarding the safe usability are mesmerising and it also ensures that your baby will have an excellent time sleeping in the baby stroller.

10. Little pumpkin

The little pumpkin is a brand for babies to children. This brand is very important when we care more about the safety and security of our baby. This is a world popular company for their safety along with stylish products like a baby bed, baby walkers, prams, and strollers. Revies of this brand are very satisfying given by the customers of this company.

There are many stores are available in India for the shopping of stroller of little pumpkin company along with is the official website which gives the option for parents to cash on delivery and easy replace and return policy along with a warranty of the product.


After learning about all the impressive brands of baby strollers available in the market, the selection process is going to be way easier. You can choose any of these brands to buy a baby stroller and have an excellent experience using their product. Make sure that you look after the additional factors like features, warranty, and reviews to shortlist the right baby stroller. We hope that this list will help you figure out the perfect brand of the baby stroller during the purchase time.