10 Best Baby Walker In India 2022 [Let Babies Move Around]

Looking for a good quality Baby Walker for your first baby or are you planning to give it as a gift to your loved ones on their birthday? We are here to help you, let’s begin!

Baby walkers play an important role in making your child’s childhood more enjoyable and unforgettable. Through the use of these baby walkers, a baby can begin to walk. There are many different types of finest baby walkers available on the market.

Getting your developing toddler a baby walker is indeed the nicest gift you can give him or her! Baby walkers and jumper walkers are excellent for training your child to take her first steps & discover her feet for the rest of her life on the road to independence. However, with several options available on the market, it might be difficult to choose the best one. 

One must use a baby walker as they maintain your child’s interest. The majority of baby walkers are equipped with built-in toys that are appealing to toddlers.

They can stimulate your child’s cognitive development. This is because the built-in toys are available in a variety of colors and shapes. The child will spend a significant amount of time attempting to find out what each of the many elements is.

Best Walker For Babies Online In India

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best-selling baby walkers in India, along with all of the crucial features and pros, cons that will assist you in choosing the best one for your child.

1. Mee Mee Simple Step Baby Walker


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A new adventure will be made more enjoyable for your baby with Mee Mee’s simple steps baby walker. In this walker, your little tot will be thrilled to take his or her first steps & meet the rest of the world. It is the most secure method of learning to walk and take those first steps. Because of its appealing and amusing characteristics, it will keep your child interested at any hour of the day.

This walker is the ideal combination of convenience and entertainment. Your baby will benefit from the comfort of its cushioned seat as he or she learns to walk, and he or she will also have the opportunity to play with toys that come with it. The walker’s strong construction guarantees that your child is kept safe and secure.


  • The walker is extremely durable due to the use of high-quality materials.
  • Comes with the feature of adjustable height. Sturdy wheels to support the weight of your child.
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Because of its removable seat, cleaning is a breeze.


  • No stoppers
  • You can’t turn off the music

2. LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker


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If you acquire this walker for your kid, you will save the need to buy rockers for them because it performs both functions. It will help your child learn to walk in the least amount of time feasible with the assistance of the walker. When used as a rocker, the infant will be able to relax and sleep while enjoying a variety of comforts.

As a bonus, the walker includes a removable footpad that may be utilized when rocking & removed while walking. When training your child to walk with the walker, you can use the push handle to make it easier for you to move him.


  • It is equipped with a lock for your protection and comfort.
  • As previously said, the walker includes three height adjustment options, which allow it to grow with your child as well.
  • The toy tray on the walker is detachable which can be used as a meal tray for your child when necessary.


  • It has a little push handle on the side.
  • There are no stoppers on this one.

3. Panda musical walker


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Because of the high-quality materials used in its construction, this walker is both strong and long-lasting. Because of this, you must closely observe your baby’s movements whenever he is using the walker. The advantage of using a walker is that it is simple to put together, and you won’t need to seek professional assistance.

If you use the walker, you won’t have to be concerned about your child’s safety anymore.

This walker is equipped with a cushioned, detachable, and padded seat that provides your kid with exceptional comfort. Because it is detachable, it is very simple to clean. In addition, it is simple to fold and hence is convenient to store.

It will keep the baby occupied, allowing you to complete various household chores while the baby plays. 


  • The walker has music, light, and a horn, all of which stimulates the baby’s senses and keeps him entertained at the same time.
  • A safety lock is included with the walker to ensure your comfort and safety.


  • Poor quality material is used

4. StarAndDaisy Baby Walker


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A larger range of walkers with the most up-to-date styles and features has been added to the tar and Daisy line to assist you & your baby in achieving this crucial life milestone while also promoting the development of your baby’s walking skills. Star & Daisy walkers are endowed with all of the characteristics that make for a great walker.

Designed to provide total balance to the baby’s delicate steps, the multifunctionality walker at Star & Daisy is made of high-quality materials to ensure their longevity. The walkers’ robust design and supportive structure are what we are known for.

These walkers are equipped with a high-quality seat that is solidly constructed to avoid roughness on the body of the infant and to provide a relaxing experience.


  • These walkers are equipped with adornments that can be removed and toys that help babies develop their motor abilities
  • The smoother rollers of these walkers, can be used on any flooring, as well as their mobility and ease of assembly, are additional characteristics.


  • Expensive

5. BAYBEE Baby Walker


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The design of this Baybee baby walker complies with European safety regulations for children. It is constructed of high-quality materials and has a sturdy support frame. The high back of the cushioned seat ensures the comfort of the baby.

Additionally, it allows the baby to stand upright, thereby avoiding the O leg stance. Featuring beautiful toys to keep the baby entertained, this durable walker might be classified as among the best walker for babies ranging in age from 6 months to 2 years. 


  • Modern and small
  • Has a distinctive U-shaped shape.
  • Comes with wheels that can move in every direction
  • The chair has a round shape and a padded back.
  • The height can be changed.
  • Safe, comfortable, and easy to take with you


  • Not much durable

6. Amardeep and Co Baby Walker


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When you put your child in this walker, he can drive around and see how walking works. As a parent, you will love how your baby can go on walks to new places. People who buy this stroller will keep their babies entertained with rattles, sounds, lights, and even a music box.

It also helps with development, entertains your child, and helps your child learn some direction sense. So bring your baby home with you all the time to have fun and make memories with the beautiful Amardeep Baby walker.

The vivid baby walker is made from durable material and is small. An attractive base with high backs adds extra support & smooth wheels keep it in place. It has a wide form and a nice base design. For young kids, it’s safe and easy to use because there are no sharp edges.

There are two colors of the baby walker that the manufacturer sells: red and blue.


  • An easy-to-use walker with a wide seat
  • Can be folded in a convenient way
  • It has lights; sounds make noise, and shakes.
  • It’s 60x40x38cm.
  • Having 8 good-grip wheels is important


  • May not be safe for babies who are over eight months old

7. R for Rabbit walker


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The best walker to buy for your baby is this one. You don’t have to think about anything when the baby is on it. The walker has been certified by EN71, which means that your child will always be safe when they use it. It will help your child learn how to walk and keep him safe at all times.

The walker has a brake that makes sure your child doesn’t fall when they’re struggling to walk on rough ground or when they’re going up and down the stairs. Such brake pads also make it easy for you to halt the walker.  

Since the walker is so easy to fold up, it can be taken with you when you go on a trip. This feature allows it to take up very little space when it’s not in use, which saves space. 


  • Stylish with bright colors to make your child want to walk
  • Sturdy to hold the weight of the child
  • Use it when you’re going on a trip because it’s very easy to fold up.


  • Expensive

8. Goyal’s Cartoon Baby Adjustable Walker



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This walker has 3 height positions that you can use to change its height. There is also soft, padded seating with a backrest that comes with the walker. This will help the baby learn how to walk with comfort.

This means that you can put the walker together on your own because it includes a user manual. Smooth and sturdy wheels make it very easy for a baby to learn how to walk with this walker.

This walker also comes with lots of fun, easy-to-remove toys that keep the baby busy and delighted at all times.


  • Easy to clean
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to store


  • Have sharp plastic corners that can hurt the child.
  • Lacks the ability to turn the music on and off when you want to listen to it

9. JoyRide Rock’n’Roll


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This Joyride baby walker gives your child both playtime and comfort. With a soft seat and a lot of fun toys at the front, it is a great way for your child to have some fun!

This walker has a sturdy frame as well as a brake system that makes it safe to stop. You can put the walker together quickly by following the instructions in the manual.


  • Wheels that is both strong and smooth
  • Produced from high-quality polyethylene
  • A seat that is detachable and machine washable
  • There is a push lever for controlling the vehicle.
  • It comes with a variety of replaceable rattles and toys.
  • Comes with adjustable height option


  • It is possible that tall babies will not be able to use this product.

10. Sunbaby Butterfly Walker


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Purchase a colorful walker from sun baby that is sure to attract your child’s attention, provide him or her joy, and assist your baby in learning his or her first steps in the world. Best for 6 months to 2 years baby

In addition to the newly upgraded soft double stitched seat, which remains in place even when the infant is removed from the walker, the walker is extremely well made and durable.

The three different height positions can be changed to accommodate your baby’s growing height as well as his or her comfort. A button music system, which, when pressed by the infant, plays lovely sounds that keep your baby entertained is available.

When not in use, it is also collapsible and may be stowed with relative ease. This item weighs approximately 2.3 kg. By placing the baby in your sun baby walker, you can keep a close eye on him or her while you go about your everyday household chores. The sun baby walker helps the baby to “learn how to walk while being safe.”

Bring home the best baby walker to help your baby walk and put his first step


  • It takes up little space and can support a 15kg weight.
  • Has a brightly colored toy tray and offers reinforcing support.
  • Consistent and encouraging
  • Prevents incorrect standing position from occurring
  • Comes with comfortable and soft cushions


  • Some vehicles might not have a properly functioning brake system.

How To Choose The Best Baby Walker in India?

A Baby’s first steps should be memorable with the right type of baby walker. But, the endless options can make your selection difficult. All you need to consider the certain aspects in mind before making a final decision. These aspects are the type of walker, recommended weight and height, age and size of the child, material etc. In this section, we are going to talk about all these factors in-depth.

→ 1. Type of Walker:

There are many types of baby walkers available in the Indian market. You just need to take into account the weight and height, and the age of your child. In addition, you should also consider the premise with which the walker will be designed, additional features on the walker, etc. Some of the popular types of baby walkers are mentioned below:

  • Sit-to-Stand Walker

As the name suggests, this baby walker helps in the development of your baby from standing to sitting. It is also known as a push-type walker. The walker can be easily pushed around by holding the bar on top of it like a cart or trolley. This walker has a side or front panel with colourful shapes and toys that the baby can play with and sit on.

  • Seat Walkers

This type of walker is majorly suitable for babies who can hold and sit on their own without losing balance. Seat walkers typically have a wide leg with a U-shape, and metal suspensions on it support the upper panels and the wheels below. Its Center is equipped with a plastic seat or cloth so that the baby’s feet can push the walker around. You can convert seat walkers to rockers if they have these types of features.

  • Portable Walker

As the name implies, this baby walker can be carried along or folded to move from one place to another. This walker features wide plastic wheels, and a handle life feature on top to carry along. Also, it is available in a multi-activity frame.

  • Convertible Walker

Convertible walkers are considered valuable walkers because of their convertible design. This two in one walker can be used as a sit-to-stand walker as well as seated. This will save parents from the issue of choosing different types of walkers, providing full support to the baby. With the help of a walker, your baby can walk on their own with great mobility and fun as it has wheel panels and toys.

2. Material

In addition to the type of material, you should be sure of the material of the baby walker. The hard plastic is generally used to design baby walkers. You need to check that the wheels of the walker are wide enough and have a solid base to bear the weight of the baby. The back and seat should be made of comfortable, soft fabric so that the baby’s delicate skin is not affected by redness or rash. Inspect that the top panel with the toys is made of child-safe plastic, made of non-toxic materials and that the metal part has no sharp edges.

3. Size and Age of baby

There is only a limited period where a walker is used when the baby begins to hold its head on its own. The convertible, portable and seated walker is suitable for babies aged six months or older. On the other hand, sit-to-stand, push-type or wooden push-type walkers are ideal for babies who begin to walk and learn to stand with support. Parents should choose the one who is physically most suitable.

4. Height and Weight of baby

Manufacturers of baby walkers mostly identify the age of the baby and the dimensions of the walker to help choose the right fit. Parents should keep these guidelines in mind while buying a walker for their baby. A baby should not hurt their back, neck, or legs or feel uncomfortable while using a walker. The wrong positioning of a walker with sufficient amplitude can irritate the baby. Make sure that your baby’s feet should touch the floor and once seated he should be balanced without any discomfort.

5. Safety

When looking for a baby walker, make sure that comfortable, non-toxic, baby-safe materials are used. Also, make sure there are enough wheels and a strong base for a great balance. Control your little one by the walker at all times.

Baby Walker Safety Tips For Parents: Do’s and Don’ts

It is common for parents to buy baby walkers for one‘s infants in the hope that the merchandise will either help their child learn to walk or speed it up. With the new baby gear, they’ll be capable of keeping up with their child’s desire to learn.

We’re here to offer the do’s and don’ts of a baby walker and answer any questions you may already have about it. 

Do’s and don’ts

Good news: you probably own already a baby gate if you have a set of stairs in your home. Or you are planning to do it in the near future. An unfenced stairway is a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to babies. reduced the number of these accidents in baby walkers, they can still tumble down them.

Since safety standards had also greatly Consider installing a stairway gate to keep you and your family safe.

Check their access

Babies in walkers can get into places much more quickly than those who do not use them. Doorways, cleaning cabinets, and areas near the fireplace are just a few examples of possible hiding spots. When used outside, baby strollers have a tendency to end up in water or on the road.

When infants are in strollers, you should always keep an eye on them and do your best to keep them from getting into potentially dangerous situations.

Clear off obstacles

No matter how many times you baby-proofed your home, it seems like your children are always finding a way to get into mischief. Even if your child is in a walker, it’s best to keep dangerous or large items out of their reach.

It’s especially important if your child is particularly towering! Remove any heavy pots and pans from the stovetop and from the tables. If your baby gets their hands on the handle of a standing fan, make sure it is tucked away somewhere out of reach.

Look out for pinch points

However, even though the upper trays of walkers should not hit walls, this can still cause baby fingers & toes to be pinched. Ouch!

You should look for places and objects in your home where little fingers could get caught like drawers with handles and doorways or console tables. Whenever possible, wear finger pinch guards to prevent injury to your fingers.

In a walker, a baby can pick up speed very quickly. This means that they’re slamming into things with greater force and speed. Tables, shelves, and desks that may be within reach of a baby’s head should all have corner guards installed.

Getting a nasty bump on the head can be caused by running into sharp corners and edges.

Final thoughts

Choose the ideal baby walker as per your baby’s age, her small legs, wood floors, carpets, and other factors to ensure that she has the best experience possible.